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I was born  in Turkey and always was a huge sports fan. My childhood was very active, riding my bike and playing games with neighborhood kids were my favorite things to do.

I also enjoyed soccer, basketball, martial arts, swimming and bicycle racing.

I was always a big fan of super heroes, especially He-man, Conan and Marvel comics. I wanted to be so strong and muscular just like the way they were in their stories and movies. When I turned 16, I signed up at a gym with my classmates and started to work out.

A lot uf us had signed up, but every month someone was quitting and finally only I of my group of friends, was left working out at the gym.

Then in 1999, I went to college on an island which was located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea called Cyprus. It was such a beautiful country. For my bachelor degree I studied Public Relations & Advertising. I started to love bodybuilding and kept researching articles about nutrition and training. My college put me in charge of the school's gym. Then I started to help people with their training an d desire to change their physiques.

It was the first time I started to get paid for what I liked to do because the school gave me a scholarship. After a while my physique started to change fast and I decided to compete in some shows. I couldn't place very well in the beginning but each show I did, was teaching me a lot of new things and experiences. After a couple years I started to make it to the finals in each show I competed in and began to win in bigger competitions such as Turkish Nationals and Cyprus Nationals. Each victory I won, pushed me harder to improve and excel.

In 2004, I came to Philadelphia to do my Master Degree in Business Administration. During my education I wasn't in any bodybuilding competitions but kept training hard and tried to keep my nutrition up as much as I could. After graduating, I worked in Philadelphia for a while. Then in 2007, I decided to go back Turkey and open my own business. Once I went back to Turkey, I had to serve in the army for a while.

When I finished my service, I did work on several business oportunities, but then in 2009 I realized, to be more competitive as a bodybuilder, I would need to move back to United States.

Currently, living in Los Angeles - California ,  I offer nutritional and personal training along with fitness modeling and guest posing.